Import IncrediMail to Thunderbird

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Batch Mode to Import IncrediMail to Thunderbird

Do you wish to use Mozilla Thunderbird as a new email client but can't afford to lose IncrediMail emails ?
Then make use of IncrediMail converter Pro to import IncrediMail to Thunderbird in safe & secure way.

IncrediMail is feature-limited email client that do not allow exporting of IncrediMail messages to other email formats. So, to import IncrediMail message to Thunderbird you must have licensed version of IncrediMail Converter Pro. If you want to import IncrediMail in Thunderbird without losing any emails from IncrediMail, then please take a look at IncrediMail IMM Converter Pro, this is just what you need.

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IMM Converter is the safest solution to import IncrediMail to Thunderbird. The program offers batch mode importing of IncrediMail into Thunderbird to convert several or large number of IncrediMail IMM files into Thunderbird MBOX. During the process to import IMM to Thunderbird, the program supports conversion of all email properties -

  • Attachments (to convert all attachments, users must have attachments folders too)
  • Formatting (Both Text & HTML Formatting)
  • Email Header (date, time, subject, to, from, cc, bcc)
  • Proper Email Content

This is a reliable tool to import IncrediMail to Thunderbird. The program can be used to move, convert, export, import IncrediMail email messages(only) to Thunderbird emails. To import IncrediMail to Thunderbird, just convert all IncrediMail IMM (email store of IncrediMail) into MBOX file, then copy the resultant MBOX file into Thunderbird Store or Mail Folder .


Import IncrediMail to ThunderBird

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Salient Features - Import IncrediMail into Thunderbird

  • Import IncrediMail IMM files of all IncrediMail Version - 2, XE, XE Premium
  • Import IncrediMail data to Thunderbird with all email attachments
  • Offers Batch Mode Importing function to import multiple IMM files to MBOX file
  • Helps all IncrediMail Users to import IncrediMail into Thunderbird with all email header elements - date, time, subject, to, from, cc, bcc.
  • Retains all read/unread status of IncrediMail emails.
  • Works with almost versions of Windows family including Vista and 7.

Download & BuyIncredimail Converter Pro License to import IncrediMail IMM to ThunderBird in few simple & instant steps.

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