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Export IncrediMail emails to Windows Live Mail smoothly

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To transfer IncrediMail IML & IMM Files to Windows Live Mail, see the simple steps which the software follows to convert IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail:

Use IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail Converter tool

IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail Converter is a fine tool, which gives the options to the users to export IncrediMail IMM & IML Files with the batch mode option. Plus, the software as well gives the auto-detect feature which helps the user to choose the IncrediMail identities without any problem. The conversion process is as follows:

IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail

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Navigate to the location of the converted emails.

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Import converted Emails into Windows Live Mail

Now import the resultant files into Windows Live Mail and for that navigate to the path in Windows Live Mail-
File Menu » Import messages » Choose Windows Live Mail option

  • After the user has clicked on Windows Live Mail, browse to the folder where your EML files are located and select it
  • Click on the Next button. Now, you will see 2 options: first option would to select the whole folder, second step would be to choose the selected folders
  • Click on Next and the files would start getting import. Then The user would be able to view all the emails in Windows Live Mail.

FREE Download Now
Version: 7.1
Purchase Now
Starting @ $49

Overview of IncrediMail and its transfer process to Windows Live Mail

IncrediMail is an email application which is free to use and it allows the user to manage email messages and other things, with IncrediMail the user can send emoticons with email messages. Your emails present in IncrediMail can also have animated content which can be useful because then sending an email does not sound bore. Users get the notification every time they receive a message through the animated characters. IncrediMail is there in the market since 1999, only shoes the durability of this email client.

IncrediMail and Windows Live Mail both support different file formats. Windows Live Mail is a much better email client than IncrediMail. IncrediMail has been around for more than 10 years but it is not still famous as Windows Live Mail. The reason behind this could be Windows Live Mail has the branding of Microsoft. Windows Live Mail also works perfectly with other Windows applications makes it even a more used application. Windows Live Mail also provides the option to export your Windows Live Mail messages which is great feature for users when they want to store or take backup of their Windows Live Mail messages. It also offers easy email configure process.

User can find and search several ways to convert IncrediMail files into Windows Live Mail. These several ways include converting IncrediMail files through various methods, such as with the manual way, using the freeware and to use a tool. By using the manual method the user have to the conversion all by them. The concept of the manual method is simple but the implementation part of procedure is tough. As the number of IncrediMail files increase the task of conversion also gets harder, the manual way also invites a lot of mistakes and would turn a nightmare for the user. The second way is to use freeware, freeware are helpful when the user is on a tight budget plus these freeware are "free" and they contain unwanted extras in them. These freeware stop getting updates after some releases. The last way and the most right way to do the conversion is with the help of a tool, they provide the shortest route for your solution.

As you can clearly see from the above discussion that using a tool is the only way to go forward, because conversion tools are specialized top give maximum output in minimum time. The accuracy of the tool and the speed it maintains while converting your important data is unmatchable.

The requirement of a tool is needed to export IncrediMail mails to Windows Live Mail. The software has the simplicity and also it is able to convert any given IncrediMail file, with its auto-detect feature the user does not have to manually select by going into the store location the IncrediMail.

The tool performs the conversion of highest quality and the method of conversion is also not so difficult. The tool is an advanced tool with up to date features.

Free IncrediMail into Windows Live Mail Converter

The trial software is limited only to export only 25 mails. After the user has tried and tested the demo version, then he can upgrade to professional version which has every feature and no limit on the amount of emails a user can export. Try the professional version to get the thorough conversion.

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  • The tool is easily compatible with Windows Operating System
  • No need to have IncrediMail configured in your system
  • Read the resultant data in Windows Live Mail
  • Easily migrates file of any size
  • IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail import tool is able to easily export read, images, unread status, etc